VATCAR Controller Application


VATCAR is always looking for mature, knowledgeable and self-motivated individuals to join our family. If you are willing to learn, share knowledge and provide ATC services to our fellow VATSIM pilot community, we want to hear from you!



**New Applicants may not be accepted within 72hrs due to limited FIR Mentors/Instructors**




Kingston FIR – Due to the high load of new applicants and the lack of FIR trainers, Kingston will only be accepting limited amount of applications per month.


San Juan CERAP – Visiting controller applicants will need to submit a letter of recommendation from your current Air Traffic Manager or Deputy Air Traffic Manager or Division Leadership to the Air Traffic Manager & Deputy Air Traffic Manager before your application will be approved. You can find contact information for these staff members on the San Juan CERAP website.


For controllers who are wishing to join VATCAR as a home controller, please ensure your Region/Division is currently VATCAR. If you’re a member of another region/division you will be required to transfer to VATCAR. Please email VATCAR1 with your name and CID requesting a division transfer. Your application will not be accepted until your region/division is VATCAR. To check your region/division, visit the following link:



Fill out this form only if you want to become a controller at one of our FIRs.





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