Welcome to the VATSIM Caribbean Division

We are delighted to welcome pilots, controllers and aviation enthuasists alike to the VATSIM Caribbean Division. Our member facilities provide virtual pilots with air traffic control services as they travel through the Caribbean skies. VATCAR insists on providing our pilots and controllers a realistic experience, complete with simulated non-radar, radar and oceanic services.

Our division is one of the most diverse on the VATSIM network, with air traffic services being provided to approximately 30 nations and dependicies in the 1 million square miles comprising VATCAR. Visiting pilots will have the opportunity to explore our gorgeous tropical seascapes, breath-taking terrain and unpredictable weather.

But, don’t allow our lush tropical atmosphere to distract you from the variety of challenging IFR approaches we have. Challenge yourself to fly a VOR DME Arc approach in a Boeing 777, a regular visitor to numerous Caribbean destinations. There’s also plenty to explore with smaller aircraft. For instance, our division is an exceptional place to create short, but memorable, island flight hops.

VFR pilots will also find interesting experiences of their own. Pilots can take a scenic flight above the blue mountains of Jamaica, explore the Bermuda Triangle near Nassau, or test their brakes at the notorious Gustaf III Airport (TFFJ).

Controllers interested in becoming part of the VATCAR team can apply here. Rest assured that the entire staff team shares my excitement in having you start your virtual air traffic control career in VATCAR. We will provide you the training and support that it takes to provide excelling ATC service.

I am very excited at the opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you who read this welcome message into our airspace. Come and see why I’m so proud to be apart of the VATSIM Caribbean Division.

Sincere Regards,

EJ Davis

VATCAR Division Director 

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VATSIM Caribbean Division is part of the VATSIM network. VATSIM allows individuals to fly online together and be able to experience air traffic controller services whilst flying.

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