VATCAR ( VATSIM Caribbean) is the Caribbean Division of the VATSIM Network. The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, known as VATSIM.NET or “VATSIM” was created in 2001 by a group of individuals who came together with a goal of creating an organization which truly served the needs of the flight simulation and online air traffic control community. With an eye towards more than just providing a network of computers for users to log into, VATSIM is an online community where people can learn and at the same time, enjoy the past times of flight simulation and air traffic control simulation all while making new friends from all over the world. VATCAR reports to the Vice President of the Americas Region (VATGOV3).

VATCAR comprises 7 Major Facilities –

1. Curacao FIR
2. Havana FIR
3. Kingston FIR
4. Nassau FIR
5. Piarco FIR
6. MidCarib FIR
7. San Juan CERAP

The VATCAR Division Director is appointed by the VATSIM Board of Governors. The VATCAR director designates 6 VATCAR Staff Members and one Air Traffic Manager (ATM) for each major faculty (7). Each ATM, in turn, designates staff that reports to him / her.

VATCAR is one of the most diverse divisions in VATSIM. A region with both FAA and ICAO Rules, at least three different languages and more than 30 countries. The Division offers the virtual aviator a wide range of challenges from two crowded FAA Class C airspaces with multiple runways, to airports which require special skills due to terrain and obstructions. 

We strive to simulate the real world as accurate as possible. Our controllers need to comply with both a VATCAR general and particular FIR / CERAP training before they are authorized to staff a position. Our controller’s real world experiences ranges from airline pilots to real world Air Traffic Controllers.