Donate to Support VATCAR

Running the Division can be costly to the Division Director / Deputy Division Director; it is an expense that he/she has agreed to as part of improving and continuing on with the Division prior to his/her appointment.
Sometimes a little help is needed and nice to have.
While our Web Server and TeamSpeak are provided for us, we make every effort to ease the expense for the provider in any way we can.

We have an agreement with Kyle Ramsey – VATSIM President (Board of Governors Chairman) to allow donations in order to ease some of the costs.


Our Agreement

  • • Every DOLLAR donated will go towards funding our web services and teamspeak. As we will be using the PayPal system to accept donations, your financial commitment will be guaranteed towards funding our teamspeak and web services.
  • • VATSIM Caribbean Division will continue to actively work to grow our community and provide an enjoyable place for all members.
  • • We will not disclose the details of anyone who has donated, will donate or how much they have donated.
  • • We will not treat those who do and do not donate any differently, as below.
  • • We will not hold more than $9,999.99 in donations at any given time
  • • A board consisting of at least 3 members to monitor funds and vote on use of funds


Your Agreement

  • • By donating, you agree that your financial contribution is solely an act of goodwill, and that such a contribution does not grant you with any higher say in how the Division / FIR is ran. You agree you will never use the fact that you have made a financial contribution as a tool to attempt to influence or intimidate staff members or the general membership.
  • • You will not use the fact that you have made a financial contribution of elevating your status in the Division / FIR, nor to attempt to “bribe” the Division / FIR into granting you special privileges.
  • • Once you have donated, you have surrendered your right to claim your money back at any time, unless your financial contribution does not go towards running costs for web services, as described.
  • • You confirm that you are 18 years of age at the time of the donation
  • • Those under 18 wanting to donate, please discuss this matter with your parent or guardian. Donations from those under 18 must be made from a parent or guardians PayPal account or method of payment.


What are donations used for?

Donations are used to help cover the expense of our Web Server and TeamSpeak from the provider


Do I need a PayPal Account in order to donate?

No, we accept Credit Cards if you do not have a PayPal Account

Does my PayPal Account need to be verified in order to donate?

Yes, We do not accept funds from unverified PayPal Accounts

I have a question before I donate, who can I ask?

You can email the Division Director or Deputy Division Director to inquire about donating


By Donating You Acknowledge That You Agree To The Above Terms