VATCAR HitSquad Recruiting!


Hitsquad is now back open and is looking for controllers, of any rating to sign up for hitsquad.

What Does Hitsquad Do?
Hitsquad is a team of controllers that serve as a reserve team. Hitsquad members can control within any VATCAR FIR (only if the ATM grants the permission to do so, e.g. in events) and allowed to freely control in FIRs with no ATM.

How to Apply?
Applying to Hitsquad is very simple:
1. Gather a recommendation from an ATM or DATM in your FIR
2. Submit the recommendation from the ATM or DATM, along with your controller ID & name and current home FIR to

If your application is accepted, you will then be observed by VATCAR9, along with a Senior Instructor while doing ATC, preferably in high-density traffic.

1. Must be proficient in English
2. Must not have any previous disciplinary record
3. Must be able to use Euroscope or VRC
4. Must be proficient in ICAO or FAA procedures (FAA only applicable for control in San Juan)
5. Must be a VATCAR home controller