VATCAR Executive Committee

Ernesto Martinez, Division Director


The Director’s duties are to provide leadership to the organization, approve all policies (Division & FIR) and be the direct link to VATSAMC. He also chairs the VATCAR’s executive committee.

Alex Long, Deputy Division Director


The Deputy Director’s duties are to replace the Director in his absence and to be the moderator for all topics of the VATCAR’s forum. The Deputy Director works in close partnership with the Director as advisor. He also serves as co-chair of the executive committee.

Andrew Sterling, Division Training Director


The Training Director duties are to oversee all VATCAR training procedures, testing procedures and promotions procedures. He is responsible to monitor the currency of VATCAR online exams. He is responsible to monitor the training and promotion procedures of the FIRs and to keep the Executive Committee informed as to their compliance to VATCAR and VATSIM policies. As Training Director, he/she approves promotions for senior controller, instructor, and senior instructor. He is a member of the VATCAR’s executive committee.

Juan Rodriguez, Division Conflict Resolution Manager


The Director of Conflict Resolution assists VATCAR in reviewing all formal complaints directed to the EC about alleged infractions of VATCAR or VATSIM codes of conduct and report and/or make recommendations to the EC regarding possible action. He also has duties related to the VATSIM Conflict Resolution Committee with responsibilities to VATSIM in keeping with this role.

Diarra Hoyte, Events Director


The Events Director’s duties are to organize, promote events and be a liaison between VATCAR and the rest of VATSIM with regards Events. He is also responsible to establish and maintain communication with Virtual airlines and communicating with VATSIM, so as to have VATCAR Events posted in the VATSIM forum and on the VATSIM Homepage. He is a member of the VATCAR’s executive committee.

Andrew Sterling, Hit Squad Coordinator


The Hit Squad Coordinator is responsible for maintaining an active roster of controllers who are certified to control in all VATCAR FIR’s. Additionally this position works with FIRs to find additional controllers when needed by using the Hit Squad resources.

Roël Gonzalez, Information Systems Manager


The Information System Manager is responsible for the development and security of VATCAR’s information resources. This is includes but not limited to: Websites, databases, communications services and applications. He is a member of the VATCAR’s executive committee.

VATCAR Air Traffic Managers

Peter Sandiford, Curacao FIR


Miguel A. Armas, Havana FIR


Njeri Carroo, Kingston FIR


Eric Boxerman, Nassau FIR


Bradley Fenty, Piarco FIR


Christopher Maddox, San Juan CERAP


Israel Reyes, Santo Domingo & Port-Au-Prince FIR


Caribbean Division Supervisors

EJ Davis

Andrew Sterling

Joseph Chamberlain

Barry Theodore

Ernesto Martinez

David Downs



Roël Gonzalez, VATCAR7 / Lead

Alex Long, VATCAR2