Photorico Isla Grande Released!





Photorico has released Isla Grande for FSX and P3D! Isla Grande is located in San Juan, PR and is just miles away from the San Juan International Airport. Photorico has recreated this field in detail including several FBOs and Flight Schools for general aviation, a terminal, and Army National Guard and Police Department Helicopter Operation facilities. Photorico has also modeled VFR reporting points such as the Levitown Water Tank to the west, the Bacardi Plant Wind Turbines upon final, and Plaza Carolina shopping mall to the east for the Class C River Transition over San Juan International Airport. Shortly after an eastbound takeoff on Runway 9, you can also find a fully detailed Dos Hermanos bridge and San Juan Bay Marina for the Dos Hermanos Departure. Photorico has also kindly provided The Hangar with a copy of Isla Grande for review, and it will be our next upcoming review! Head on over to simMarket and grab your copy of Isla Grande!


Article courtesy of The Hangar

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