VATCAR Executive Committee

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VATCAR1 Director Leemar Yarde
VATCAR2 Deputy Director Toby Turlington
VATCAR3 Training Administrator Alex Long
VATCAR4 Assistant Training Administrator Byron MacRae
VATCAR5 Events Director Diarra Hoyte
VATCAR6 Deputy Events Director Arnaldo Collazo
VATCAR7 Information Systems Manager Alex Long
VATCAR8 Division Conflict Resolution Manager Juan Rodriguez
VATCAR9 Hit Squad Coordinator Olante Douglas
VATCAR10 Aeronautical Data Specialist Dhagash Kapadia



VATCAR Air Traffic Managers

Some of the routine Air Traffic Manager duties can include, but are not limited to:
• Roster management and website maintenance
• Assist with planning events and activities in conjunction with the Events Department
• Assist with Training Department development, oversight, and feedback
• Assist with conflict resolution
• Develop and maintain SOP, LOA, and policies for the FIR
• Any other duties set forth by VATCAR Division Director and/or his appointee


Curacao VATCAR11 Mark Smith
Havana VATCAR12 Miguel A. Armas
Kingston VATCAR13 Njeri Carroo
Nassau VATCAR14 Alex Long (Interim)
Piarco VATCAR15 Justin Edwards
Port au Prince VATCAR16 Vacant
San Juan VATCAR17 Christopher Maddox
Santo Domingo VATCAR18 Ernesto Martinez



VATSIM Supervisors

Leemar Yarde
EJ Davis
Mark Smith
Hal Butts
Oliver Gibbons
Barry Theodore
Ernesto Martinez
David Downs


VATCAR Information Systems Team

Alex Long – IST Manager
Jiancarlos Paredes
Justin Edwards
Roel Gonzalez
Toby Turlington